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Here is where I spent my week…How was yours?

This picture was taken as high as I got up San Antonio Mountain.  I almost hate to say that I was only 1/3 of the way to the top of the mountain but I was still pretty high up there.  You may have click on the picture to see it clearly but there are 4 trucks in the middle of the picture that will help you gain perspective. 

Here are a few of the reasons we were there:

The arrowhead picture was taken exactly how I found the point.  I did not pick it up until after the archeologists documented it so there is no telling how long this point sat in this exact same position and place.  (Well – I do know it was not more than 1,500 years based on what the experts say.)

The archeology in this area is very unique.  This picture shows just a small sampling of the petroglyphs at this archeological site.  These glyphs are located on the flat of one of the mountains probably 120′ from the bottom.  In this general area dozens of petroglyphs have been found and recorded.  Part of the appeal of this site is the fact that very few people have ever seen it.  In fact very few people even know that this site exists.  The remote geographic location of the sites, the actual location of the glyphs on the mountain, and the fact that these locations are not open to the public has kept the archeological sites in this area almost undisturbed.  2 new glyph sites were found around the point of this mountain on Tuesday morning a little before I arrived on site.  It should be interesting to see what all is eventually found in this area but for now enjoy this small sampling of 1,000 to 1,500 year old works of art that few people have ever seen.

A-corny Autumn Picture

Leaf Coloring Study Guide

When I came in from work I quickly snapped a few pics with my Blackberry.  I am very interested in see how this leaf would look in high resolution similar to the one that Dave did a few weeks ago.  Maybe I will have to borrow Kara’s camera later this week…

Happy Halloween!!

A leaf out for an evening stroll

A leaf out for an evening stroll

Now Dave would have made this picture more interesting by fashioning some sort of leash to put on the leaf since it looks like a dog.  I just couldn’t figure out how.  Plus as narrow as the depth of field was I don’t think I could ever reposition the camera correctly once I moved it.  Looking at the concrete there is only about a 2″ strip in focus.

From a past autumn…actually it would be a few thousand past autumns


Earlier this year, part of the area that I oversee had a devastating wildfire.  (I know – pretty common this year.) Over 3,000 acres were destroyed in the ensuing flames and in the aftermath nothing was left living.  That was about 4 months ago.  Today you can find hints of green that the recent rains have wrought.  Now I am not a preachy guy (I leave that to better people in the family) but the good Lord reminded me of something today so bear with me.

It does not matter how badly you have been burned in life.  If you can only feel the pain of the fire or see the aftermath of what it causes, you only see part of the picture.  When you focus on the burned remnants of the past you fail to see the new growth taking place.  But make no mistake – God can renew what was once destroyed.  Even if we don’t see it happening because we focus on the scorched remains of what once was.  Kara found this verse for me and it fits.

Psalm 71:20 (NIV)
Though you have made me see troubles,
many and bitter,
you will restore my life again;
from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up.

This concludes Dan’s delivery of the Lord’s message for today.

Lot of fossils

All that’s left of Texon

I know that this picture is not Autumn related but my photos have been bad this year so I haven’t been participating much.  (Not because of lack of trying – I have taken lots of pics and posted the only 2 good ones that I have taken.)  But I wanted to be a part so I will post this one that I took a few months ago with my phone.  This is the only building remaining from the town of Texon.  All the other buildings from this town of 3,000 have been demolished but this one was saved due to historical significance.  There are a few remaining pieces of evidence that a town did exist here but no intact buildings other than this one.  Maybe later I will post a few other pics of this historical place including the remnants of a tee box from the golf course and the jailhouse remains from the town of Best which was a few miles to the east.

I like macro too!

My New Friend

Challenge is an understatement

Is all that brown a sign of fall???  Umm…afraid not.  The drought has been really bad.  I wanted to post this pic for those of you that don’t get out of town much.  (Plus I like to go to this area but the feel and beauty of it just doesn’t come out in pictures.)  This picture does not adequately show how bad it is out there.  It came across better in the picture than real life and there are many places much worse than this.  Finding autumn could truly be a challenge this year.

Hello Ron.

Earlier this year I said that Kara and I had a tree with leaves that turn red.  I was clearly mistaken.  The leaves on our tree turn burgundy (hence the name Ron) and not red as previously alluded too.  This picture is completely unedited and as such should clear up the issue since there is no color correction.  Sorry for the confusion.  (Also sorry the pic is so small but it is only being posted for color and not because of any artistic value.)  And everyone help me inform Kara that I DO admit it when I am wrong.  (Wait – we weren’t even fighting about the tree….Tell her anyway!!)

We have red leaves finally

When we moved in (one year ago this last week) we discovered that we had an oak tree in the front yard that has leaves that turn red. Being autumn red tree leaf junkies, Kara and I were excited about the prospect of actually having a tree that has red leaves.  Now we get to share it with all of you since the leaves started to turn this week.  It barely made the timing necessary for this challenge but it is ahead of last year’s schedule.   Last year it did not start to turn until the first week in November.