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Remember me??

So…I had something new to photograph this afternoon…ICE! Neat! We still have 15 days left of Autumn, officially. So I’m going to make a (probably vain) attempt to post plenty of pics. Yes I am!

It’s red leaf day in Bryant-ville!

So…while I was waiting for a shoot on Saturday (yeah, yeah, I know…) I snapped a couple. So, while this is not *today’s* pic…it’s red leaf day, so it fits. Right??


BTW – this pic is SOOC. Woot!


Minnie Mouse and Indianapolis Jones (Indiana’s sister)  🙂

Here’s our spooky pumpkin. Miss Mia wasn’t feeling well tonight, so we had an abbreviated TOT experience, capped off by some pumpkin carving. Not a bad night at all!!



I took a picture!

Yes, again, this was taken during a shoot. I picked this dandelion for my little 5 year old client to blow into the wind. She quickly vetoed my dandelion and chose another. If you look closely…you can see why.

This morning’s moonset

This is the back of Parker Elementary this morning about 8:00. If you look closely, you may see the tree on the right beginning it’s change. The full moon is a cool bonus, too!

Mia vs. dandelion

I know, I know…it’s been done, but not with my kid!

What’s been taking up my time…

Take this wheel barrow, add lots of quirky pumpkins and 97 small children – one at a time. Still recovering.

Cole’s BALL this time…

The grass is struggling to survive in the carpet of fallen pine needles…and a baseball. 🙂

Autumn Vittles

Getting ready for playoffs!

This is my friend Cole. He’s a baseball NUT! We got to do his and his little brother’s Christmas card pics today at the ballpark! FUN!

Uhh…yesterday’s post.

We had a great evening. Took a lot of pics.  Here’s my favorite. Clearly I’m not posting this for it’s photographic merit. heh. 😉

Slackery Kara

It’s been ca-razy in Bryant-ville. I did get a chance to go to the local farmer’s market yesterday, though, and got some pretty cool shots. I’ll post more later…you know, the picture from today. 😉

Hot peppers to go with the temperature yesterday!  HOT!

These may be the coolest pumpkins ever! The farmers said they cross pollenated, resulting in a happy accident.

Dunno what this is…

but it’s pretty and fall-y.  Daniel and I were out trying to find one more PERFECT photograph for the art show, and I found these pretty uhhh, berries? 

The Studio Tour LOOK! I’m on it!

These seem springy…

but I took this pic this morning.  No, really, I did. 😀 I did zero color correction, only sharpened a bit. It was a good pond day.