We all want to do better with our photography. That is what this challenge is all about…stretching ourselves and growing photographically. Among our group, we have all methods of photography from simple phone cameras to point and shoots to professional equipment. We are also a family so you will probably see lots of good-natured ribbing along the way.

Who are we and what do we use?

  • Alison/Wife to David: Canon. I represent the point & shoot guild.
  • Ben/Husband to Christi: Canon EOS XSI…occasional iPhone
  • Christi/Daughter to Roger & Jacque: Canon EOX XSi
  • Daniel/Son to Roger & Jacque: Canon PowerShot A490, Canon 30D, Blackberry 9670
  • David/Son to Roger & Jacque: depends on his mood: dslr, m4/3rds, toy camera, his phone…
  • Emily/Daughter to Kara & Daniel: Canon SD800
  • Jacque/Mom. Kodak DX7590
  • Jacob/Son to Ben & Christi: Canon EOS XSI
  • Kara/Wife to Daniel: Canon 7D and Lilly Lens
  • Roger/Dad: Sony Cybershot 150 or iPhone and occasional comic relief

A few of us have our own personal websites or blogs and you can find them here: