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Red Maple at Sunspot


In The Clouds At Cloudcroft


Trees & Clouds


Aspens on the Golf Course



I think the Autumn Challenge for 2011 may be officially over!
































































Thanksgiving at Abilene State Park

Some “leaf” pictures:





























































The weather was so beautiful, on Friday afternoon we moved the game-playing outside!

West Texas Snowman!

This blew into our yard from the cotton field across the road & Emily thought it looked like a snowman — I have to agree!

On A Clear Day — NOT!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago.  We had a beautiful view of the cotton field one day, then the next day the wind & dirt blew — so this was the view then!


















Rain Clouds?

Hoping these clouds bring us some much-needed rain!

A Cluster of Golden Leaves

Orange Berries!

Not far from us is a house that has a row of bushes against the front fence.  Right now the bushes are beautifully covered with orange berries!

A Red Leaf!!!

I love the red leaves of fall, but we don’t have many trees around  here that have them.  So I was shocked & excited when I saw this leaf in our oak tree out front on my way to the mailbox this afternoon!  Just had to share it with all of you, too!

It’s Cotton-Picking Time!

A Frosty Autumn Morning!

Frost on the front lawn Saturday morning!

A Tree With Color!

There is some color here, but when you look closer, it’s not leaves.  I suspect this is the same thing Christi photographed on Oct. 14.  But it was something different to look at!