All that’s left of Texon

I know that this picture is not Autumn related but my photos have been bad this year so I haven’t been participating much.  (Not because of lack of trying – I have taken lots of pics and posted the only 2 good ones that I have taken.)  But I wanted to be a part so I will post this one that I took a few months ago with my phone.  This is the only building remaining from the town of Texon.  All the other buildings from this town of 3,000 have been demolished but this one was saved due to historical significance.  There are a few remaining pieces of evidence that a town did exist here but no intact buildings other than this one.  Maybe later I will post a few other pics of this historical place including the remnants of a tee box from the golf course and the jailhouse remains from the town of Best which was a few miles to the east.

  • Camera: BlackBerry 9670
5 observations on “All that’s left of Texon
  1. Dave

    That’s a fascinating story, and I really want to see a picture of that jailhouse too. As for the challenge, I bet your pictures are better than you think they are. Incidentally, what time of day are you taking pictures? I wonder if you are just trying at bad light times. Both the branch and the dog pics are really truly awesome, and the field one wasn’t too bad either.

    For me, the challenge exists just to make us go out, take pictures, and try new things. I remember something my favorite photographer said last year when she agreed to do the challenge,

    “I really, REALLY need something to nudge me to take more pictures and try to branch out. (heh. nice autumn pun, eh?)”

    Quote by Kara, eh.

  2. Kara

    That quote is genius, eh. 🙂

    Dan – I totally dig this pic. F’real.

    (Did you like how I went from Canadian to 80s to 60s to street? I’m a chameleon.)

  3. Christi

    LOVE this photo!! I would love to go out and take pictures of simply abandoned old buildings…a history that’s becoming lost.

    An aside, the wood in that building….is that mesquite!?!

    Also, I feel your pain. I have felt like my pictures have really sucked this year. I had a couple of days where I took some, but nothing post-worthy… at all!

  4. Jacque

    This is a sad picture and I would definitely like to see the others! AND this is a sad statement about the challenge! If we could only post good pictures, then I wouldn’t post ANY! I’m just taking pictures so I can be a part of this.

  5. Daniel

    Chris – I would guess it is mesquite since that is the most abundant type of wood in the area. This building is close to the Santa Rita #1. It would only take you an hour to get there from your house. I think it is time for a road trip! This building is great – the side on the left of the picture is burned and there is an old rock fireplace on the other side. This building was actually the local Boy Scout building. People still gather there yearly from my understanding. It is unfortunate that it was also a popular place for teenagers to hide and drink out in the country. From my understanding that is what caused the fire that scorched the roof and the one side. But at least it makes for more character for my photos.


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